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'She' would be Miss Steed.

She'd rather be Miss Peel, but ah well. You can't have it all.

Amelia Steed
27 January
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The name's Amelia Valhalla Steed. I know, what the hell, right? Mum had a thing for Norse mythology. Got a baby sister named Valkyrie. Figure I got the better end of that particular little naming tradition. I'm a bit of a nomad, I guess you could say. Never stay in one place for too long. Not that I'm against settling down, mind, just haven't yet. I play guitar a bit. I like to sew. I do a bit of this, a bit of that, bit of a Jill of all trades, mistress of none (heh, mistress, that's funny). Grew up...well. I was born in Blackpool. Grew up in Detroit til I was eight. After that it was quite a bit of moving around. Long story. Ask me sometime, I'll tell it.

Name: Amelia Valhalla Steed.
Nicknames: Mia, Mimi.
Age: 28
Height: 5'2"
Build: Slender to average
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Hazel

Not Amelia, not Anna Friel. Amelia is a fictional character that lives in my head, and Anna is a lovely actress that belongs to no one but herself and possibly David Thewlis. Her image is used completely without permission and she is in no way affiliated with this journal. Not making money off of anything, don't steal my girl, and all that stuff.

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